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Driving Tips

A holiday is filled with fun and new experiences. Here we offer a little planning advice to help keep everything running smoothly.

Campsite with igloo tent Elephants crossing the road Sossusvlei

Planning a trip with children

Have these on hand

Adhesive bandages

Antibacterial hand cleaner

Pocket-sized tissue packs

Never forget the SPF45

Panado or your country's equivalent of a pain and fever medication - for children and adults

A tiny nightlight or torch will assist to find the bathroom in the dark of night

Your sunglasses

Hats or caps for all

Highlighters - excellent for word search games

White and Coloured Paper

Deck of playing cards

Zip lock bags (for collecting seashells or bagging left-over snacks)

A set (or two) of clean clothes. (depending on their age)

Crayons and colouring books

Maps and/or GPS

A light rain-proof jacket with hood depending on the season

Mobile phone or digital camera + extra memory cards for the loads of photos you're going to take!

If you lose a child in a crowded area you will have a photo to show if you keep one in your wallet.

Take extra, certified copies of birth certificates, ID's and Passports as well as travel reservations and airline tickets and keep in an alternative place.

Have these on a road trip and feel like a hero!

Frisbee, basketball or rugby ball - Get a quick work-out for all when making a stop outside town.

Plastic box - Use one for every child. It can keep their toys, books or craft supplies and the lid doubles as a desk and table to hold food.

Bottled water - Have several smaller bottles of water for drinking, a quick wash of hands.

Fleece blanket/s -lightweight and small to pack; these are perfect for naps

Paper towels/Toilet roll - Thank you for those!

Wet wipes - Best for sticky little hands

Snacks - Add to your usual array of snacks: Any kind of dry salted crackers and hard candy - trip savers!

Plastic Shopping or Trash bags - for storing laundry, wet items or all the accumulated trash a road trip can provide.

Travel food

Pack individual yoghurts - freeze before (don't forget plastic spoons)

Salt crackers - Pack snack size

Water bottles for all; mark names with a permanent marker

In Namibia: Cut Biltong and Droëwors; excellent fast food

Small cereal boxes

Junior sized apples

Juice boxes

Camping Table and table cloth

Cocktail Viennas

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